Why Try "The Indian Walnut"?
Natural Process

Cultivated and grown naturally with zero use of pesticides. No preservatives or additives included. 100% authentic, raw  Indian Walnut.

  • It’s most popular benefit has been it’s incredible ability to remove unwanted fat deposits from the body.
  • Light, natural laxative properties, great for alleviating constipation.
  • Cleanses digestive system.
  • Eliminating unwanted hunger pangs.
Healthy Results

A healthy digestive system, getting rid of constipation and unwanted fat deposits enables us to perform and feel much greater. Both physically and mentally. Along with a balanced active lifestyle and healthier food options helps protect us from disease. 

Over 9 years of customer satisfaction
About theindianwalnut.com

Your best source for The Indian Walnut (Nuez de la India, Candlenut, Kukui, Aleurites Moluccanus)

We’re a small family-owned business, located in Belle Glade, Florida. We have been cultivating, using and distributing The Indian Walnut (Nuez de la India, Candlenut, Kukui, Aleurites Moluccanus) for over 12 years. Our product is unique in the market. Each nut is prepared individually, ready for consumption; cut, assorted and packaged by a professional.

We created this small family business at the beginning of 2010 and officially launched the online store in 2011. You can be sure you’re buying authentic Indian Walnut from a credible source, we even include a 30 day 100%* money back guarantee.

Unlike commercial weight loss pills that use potentially harmful chemicals and compounds with multiple side effects, The Indian Walnut is 100% natural. Containing nutrients, vitamins and fatty acids.

Whenever anyone grows tired of the secondhand sort of existence that depends on purchased products, and wants to resume the intimate relationship with nature that man once enjoyed, the kukui-nut stands ready to furnish him with food, flavor, tannin, oil, paint, varnish, medicine, and magic.” – Euell Gibbons


Natural Solution

  • Cleanses the Stomach and Intestines of toxins
    (results of its light, natural laxative properties).
  • Removes Fatty Deposits.
  • Reduces hungers pangs.
  • Reduces cellulite and tones your skin (as a result of removing fat deposits),
  • Helps reduce cholesterol and triglycerides, great for lowering high blood pressure.
  • Tones muscles (as a result of removing excess fat).
  • Reduces smoking anxiety for some users.
  • Improves bowel movements (Great for constipation).

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